Eat & Drinks

A culinary journey that
starts by the sea

We are inextricably related to our natural surroundings at Numa Beach! We accept what the land and the sea offer us to transform it into culinary delights to spoil your palate. We cook with fresh, local produce to create a flavourful fusion of Mediterranean and Asian cuisine. Find a variety of dishes in our carefully selected menu that will surprise you and make you travel the world with every mouthful.

Freshly Made Sushi

Our Japanese sushi chefs will take you to the streets of Japan without leaving the beaches of Mallorca.

Visit us and experience the flavour and intensity their expert hands bring to local fish and shellfish in the form of rolls, nigiri, and sashimi.

Cocktail Bar

Having a drink at sunset is a popular Numa Beach ritual.

Using only premium brands, we serve all classic cocktails and like to surprise you with our signature drinks. If you want one prepared to your taste, our mixologists will gladly make it for you. Tell us about your favourite cocktail, and we’ll surprise you!